Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First flight between two cities transporting fleeting.

First flight between two cities transporting fleeting.

Pilot Theodore Macaulay realised the 15 of May of 1914, first the flights of the history of aviation between two cities taking fleeting on board. Ester flights took place, this flights took place between the cities of Toronto and Hamilton, Canada, in a hydroplane made by Curtis.
First regular flight of a line area

Anthony Janus, pilot of the Benois Company, realised first of January of 1914, the first regular flight of an airline that took to a passenger from St. Petesburgo (in the state from Florida to Tampa, in the same state) EE.UU., using a hydroplane Benoist two-seater. Although the distance was not considerable represented a feat.
First airplane sent by a catapult from a boat in movement.
The 6 of November of 1915, the lieutenant commander H. Musting, piloting a hydroplane Curtiss AB-2, is catapult from the armored USS North Carolina, while the boat was sailing, which constituted the first maneuver of that type, realised from a ship in movement.

First airplane totally metalist Junkers J1.
The 12 of December of 1915 were realised in German
ia the first flight of an airplane entirely metalist. One was the Junkers J1, call “Blechesel”, that were designed and constructed by the German Hugo Junkers, airplane that soon it would perfect.

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